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Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land is the fifth studio album by Marina Diamandis, released under her current stage name 'MARINA' on June 11, 2021.

A deluxe edition, including three new tracks and two demos, was released on January 7, 2022.


For a timeline on the creation and release of this album, click here.

Initial Idea

On July 29, 2019, Marina posted to her social media:

QuoteLeft.svgWho are your favourite female producers, writers and artists right now? I’m creating my next project... and this story can only be told by women. I’m looking for you. 💗 tag anyone you’d love to hear me create with. or tag yourself :)QuoteRight.svg

She tagged the location as "Woman's World", and in the second photo she held up five fingers, leading fans to believe that she was doing a completely female lead project for her fifth album.

In April 2020, when asked about the "female collab album" Marina said:[1]

QuoteLeft.svgIt's essentially still in the works, in terms of 'it could happen'. I think what I found at the time is a lot of people were very exited about the idea, but it's really hard to make collaborations actually happen. I'm always so up for working with other women. I think there are so many problems with how female artists are viewed. I'm actually working with a female producer for this record, so in my own way I'm doing that, I just don't know yet if that's an album of collaborations or not. I'm just writing it on my own for now.QuoteRight.svg

It's likely the pandemic made things difficult to organise, and ultimately this female lead collaboration album did not happen. It's not known how many songs were written or recorded for this initial idea, other than Man's World and Cause I'm A Woman.[2]


In April 2020, during a live Q&A Marina spoke about the themes of the album:[3]

QuoteLeft.svgSome of it so far is about being a woman, about inequality, but maybe only two songs. Other songs are just inspired about what's going on socially, "why are people so mean to each other?" "Why are people so good to each other?" Stuff that we're all trying to understand.QuoteRight.svg

In February 2021, in an interview with Paper Magazine she said:[4]

QuoteLeft.svgI think it is a sociopolitical record, for sure. I feel like it can't not be in this time. It's not about the pandemic so much. I mean, they're all inspired by events that we've all witnessed, but I started writing it last summer. "Man's World" was written in summer 2019. So some of the songs on this record are weirdly relevant, but they weren't written in that time because obviously these social issues have existed for ages. It's just the pandemic is making everything feel very accentuated. But there are some personal songs. I'm not a huge love songwriter, I am more interested in social stuff.QuoteRight.svg

In an interview with Apple Music, When asked what she wants people to take away from the album after the last track ends Diamandis said:[5]

QuoteLeft.svgI want them to feel like they can celebrate themselves, and I want them to feel like they can be themselves, it's still a really difficult thing for people to do, to not be influenced by what others are doing, you know I think it's really for all of us it's about being able to chose the type of life that you want to lead. That's going to be beneficial to your personality and that doesn't look the same for everyone, everyone has a completely different path.QuoteRight.svg


"The Lady and the Monk" Back Cover

During the Ancient Dreams: Live from the Desert afterparty, Marina explained where the title of the album originated from:

QuoteLeft.svgBasically, I was reading this book about Japan called "The Lady and the Monk", and on the back page was a book review from the L.A. Times in the 80's or 90's. It wasn't exactly the album title but it was something similar, and it really evoked this strange feeling of blending elements of the past with the present.QuoteRight.svg

The review from the L.A. Times which Marina gained inspiration from said: "A beautifully written book about someone looking for ancient dreams in a strange modern place".[6]

On June 14th, in an interview with Travis Mills, Marina explained why she picked the title of the album:[7]

QuoteLeft.svgThe title itself, it doesn't really mean anything. I picked it because it evokes a certain mood and I'm always trying to encapsulate the past and our history as humans, and how that relates to the way that we're living now. I think technology has changed our lifestyles a huge amount and we're still figuring out what works and what doesn't.QuoteRight.svg


Diamandis initially called the project "FROOT 2.0 but wilder",[8] though two days later she walked backed her comment, saying the only similarity was that she was writing it by herself, she would then describe the album sonically as having a "rougher sound" than both Electra Heart and LOVE + FEAR.[9]


In July 2019, Marina started writing the album whilst on the Love + Fear Tour,[10] In April 2020, Diamandis stated she had written 70% of the album,[11] and that she was writing alone. However, this was before she broke up with Jack Patterson, her boyfriend at the time, which the latter part of the album is based on.

Marina told Vogue that her writing style had changed, explaining:[12] "The way I write isn’t conceptual anymore, it’s just what’s happening at that moment in time."

Man's World was the first song have been written,[13] followed by Pandora's Box.[14] New America was written in late May/early June in response to the death of George Floyd.[15]


Like Marina's other albums, she first produced her own demos, however for the first time, she officially released two of these on the deluxe. In an Instagram post Diamandis explained her decision behind this:[16]

QuoteLeft.svgMy demos are the prototype that I record and write on my own, before I take them to a studio to work with a producer on. I put them on because I don't think artists, whether they're signed are encouraged enough to A - write their own material on their own, or at least try it, and B - produce it.

I think early production ideas are really important. It doesn't matter if you have no skills, I'm entirely self taught, I think what I do is extremely simple, and sometime a very crass version of the end product but it helps me to communicate what I'm hearing in my head. I think if you listen to the demos, you'll be able to see what elements for transferred into the final version, and that's very helpful for producers too.

So if you're an artist out there, particularly if you're a female, because this whole industry is so underserved for female producers, sound engineers, masters, mixers, etc. Please just start, just try it out at home. I use Logic, but you can use GarageBand, I don't even use a real mic. It's not important to me, I just want to get my melody ideas down, I just use the internal mic. QuoteRight.svg

Marina received a co-production credit on five album tracks, two of the deluxe tracks, and full production credits on her two demos. Whilst credited as a co-producer on FROOT, Diamandis used her platform during this era to shine light on the lack of female producers in the industry:[17]

QuoteLeft.svgIn my own experience, one of the reasons I think there are so few female producers is because female artists or songwriters don’t get credit. It’s a very interesting thing that I’ve had to navigate. On the first record I got no production credits* because I didn’t even think to ask for them,* but the fact is that I helped shape every record and I was precious about getting each song to the shape that I wanted it. If I hadn’t been in the room, these records would’ve sounded very different. (*Marina did receive production credits on two tracks, however she should have been credited for more, as explained here.)QuoteRight.svg

In an Instagram post, Marina gave her advice on when to ask for production credits:[18]

QuoteLeft.svgOne other thing I want to talk about "what constitutes as production?" I think this is such a grey area for artists, producers, songwriters alike. This is what my version of it is, and why I think somebody should ask for a production credit:

If you have used a part, or several parts, from my demos and they end up in the final version of the song. That constitutes, at minimum, an additional production credit. If you have replicated parts from my demos, and made them sound more finessed or polished, but the core idea is the same as the demo, that also constitutes as additional production. At minimum. If I'm in the room, and I am contributing to the direction of the production and coming up with ideas that will significantly alter the final product compared to if I wasn't there, then that's co-production to me.

The joy of working with a producer is that they can elevate my own very simple ideas, that they have put in years to understand how to make something sound good.QuoteRight.svg

In an interview with Vogue, Marina revealed she was introduced to Jennifer Decilveo by Derek Davies, and explained her "need" for an all female team on Man's World:[19]

QuoteLeft.svgIt just felt necessary. [I was thinking about] women’s stories and how important it is for women to actually tell them. It’s my responsibility to make sure I’m hiring women who represent what I like talking about. "Man’s World" was an opportunity to do that.QuoteRight.svg

James Flannigan, who had produced two tracks on LOVE + FEAR, enlisted for the production of the record.

Release and Promotion

Main Article: For Information on the Critical Reception, Commercial Performance, and Charting of Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land click here


Marina intended to release a "Marinazine" to accompany each single. However, the first volume, Man's World, was the only one that was released.[20] There has been no announcement about it's discontinuation.


For more information on the singles go to their respective pages linked below.


In an interview for Paper Magazine, about Man's World's remix featuring Pabllo Vittar, Marina explained her decision to feature other artists on remixes:[21]

QuoteLeft.svgMy albums differ quite a lot from record to record, and sometimes I write them completely on my own, and other times I collaborate heavily and I do more pop-leaning records, but this next one is not that. It's a weird record. So having artists who are experimental and get that side or have that side in their own music means that it made sense to ask them if they wanted to remix, as well.QuoteRight.svg


On June 25, 2021, Marina first mentioned the possibility of a deluxe version of the album, with a slated release of fall 2021. She stated that outtakes Pink Convertible and Happy Loner were potential tracks, though more songs may be added as well.[22] On September 1, Diamandis posted to her Instagram stories, that she was recording the deluxe with James Flannigan.[23] However fans were initially sceptical, as Marina has promised a repackage for every album, with the exception of LOVE + FEAR.

On October 6, Marina tweeted that a new song would be released "next month (I think?)".[24] On November 3, Marina confirmed the deluxe would be released before the Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Tour.[25]

A month later on December 3, Happy Loner was released as a single, along with the announcement of the release date of the deluxe edition: 7th January 2022.[26] On the 11th, Marina confirmed that one more music video (Happy Loner) would be released to coincide with the end of the era in a reply to a comment on Instagram.[27]

On June 14, 2022, Marina announced the end of the era on social media:[28]

QuoteLeft.svgThe end of an era. Thank you for coming to the “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land” tour.

North America to South America to Europe, ending in Miami for Pride. 🏳️‍🌈

Special thanks to David, Charlie and Jonathan at Crush, Mercedes and Olima for costumes, Kasha for glam, Fab for musical directing, Dani, Will and my entire touring crew for creating a powerful show with me every night.

Off to create a new world. 🤍QuoteRight.svg


Main article: Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Tour

On May 19, 2021, Marina announced a livestream concert, Ancient Dreams: Live from the Desert, that took place on June 12 (for North and South America), and on the 13th (for Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europa, UK and Africa).[29] The headlining tour, Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Tour, was announced on the album's release date, and took place over spring 2022.

Album Visuals

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land album artwork.png
Standard artwork
Photographer: COUGHS
Designer: [citation needed]

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Deluxe artwork.jpg
Deluxe artwork
Photographer: COUGHS
Designer: [citation needed]

Booklet & Dedication

Thank you to...

My fans. A forever thank you! For your joy, love and humour. We've experienced so much connection and kinship together though music and I'm grateful for every part of this journey we've shared.

My family and friends for your love and support. Mum, you never made me feel like my dreams were out of reach, even before you'd ever heard me sing. You're an angel in disguise. Laf, you have the biggest, purest heart and I'm proud of how much we've grown together. And Dad, you inspired the work ethic and inner strength I would need to maintain a a career as an artist. I am thankful to you all.

David Russell. For your positivity, laugher and belief in true creative freedom. See you at the BHH!

Derek Davies & Lizzy Plapinger at Neon Gold. My day 1s! I appreciate and love you. Can't wait for us to pop a bottle of Bolly together.

James Flannigan. Working with you has been so fun and creatively satisfying. Thanks for keeping the heart of my rough demos alive. I love what we created together.

Jenn Decilveo. For being an incredibly talented, intuitive producer.

Crush Management. To everyone who has worked to hared behind the scenes to help execute the vision I had for this album. I appreciate you so much.

Atlantic Records. Career longevity as an artist is such a rare gift and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you all so closely for so many years. Here's to out 5th record to together.

John O'Mahoney for being a pillar of patience whilst mixing my record, Coughs for photographing my album artwork, Mercedes Contreras for styling me and always being excited to create a new world together, Olima for making me so many beautiful custom pieces for my videos and tours, Marty Diamond at Paradigm, David Levy and Johnny Greenfield at WME, for the many years spent carefully planning tours, Christina Kotsamanidis for being my OG, longest running PR! Greg Calibi, Dan Grech, Emily Lazar and all of the talented musicians who played on this record, Warner Chappell for publishing my songs, Fiona Arrigo for the wisdom you generously share and the inspiring conversations that lead me to writing some of these songs, And last but never least, Nick Worthington. You took a chance in 2008 by signing me and you helped me take my first major step on a life long creative journey. I'll always be thankful to you for giving me that changed to make it happen.

Songwriting has always been a vehicle for personal growth and self-knowledge. Beyond fuelling my career, it has helped me cope, gorw, learn, heald and manifest my wildest dreams. I hope it can do the same for you too.

Love always,


CD.[30] Dedication.[31]


All songs on the album were writen solely by Marina Diamandis, therefore there are no co-writers listed.

Standard Edition
1.Ancient Dreams In A Modern LandN/AJames FlanniganMarina Diamandis3:26
2.Venus Fly TrapN/AFlannigan • Diamandis2:38
3.Man's WorldN/AJennifer Decilveo • Diamandis3:28
4.Purge The PoisonN/ADecilveo3:16
5.Highly Emotional PeopleN/AFlannigan3:34
6.New AmericaN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:52
7.Pandora's BoxN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:32
8.I Love You But I Love Me MoreN/ADecilveo3:43
Total length:36:05
Deluxe Edition
11.Happy LonerN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:13
12.Pink ConvertibleN/ADecilveo3:41
13.Free WomanN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:39
14.Venus Fly Trap (Demo Version)N/ADiamandis2:36
15.Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land (Demo Version)N/ADiamandis3:24
Total length:52:38

Scrapped Tracklist

On May 31, 2021, Marina posted a snippet of New America to her social media which included the (speculated) original track list of the album.[32] The main differences are the inclusion of Pink Convertible and the position of Highly Emotional People and Man's World.

Scrapped Tracklist
1.Ancient Dreams In A Modern LandMarina DiamandisJames Flannigan, Diamandis3:26
2.Venus Fly TrapN/AFlannigan • Diamandis2:38
3.Purge The PoisonN/ADecilveo3:16
4.Man's WorldN/ADecilveo • Diamandis3:28
5.New AmericaN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:52
6.Pandora's BoxN/AFlannigan • Diamandis3:32
7.Pink ConvertibleN/ADecilveo3:40
8.I Love You But I Love Me MoreN/ADecilveo3:43
9.Highly Emotional PeopleN/AFlannigan3:43


In April 2020, in a Q&A, Marina revealed she had written about 70% of the album.[33] This was before she had broken up with her boyfriend, who the second half of the album is based upon. Presumably Marina had made a few home demos in this time, but they are unknown.

Cause I'm A Woman, for her initial "female collab album" idea. Marina used the title as a caption for a selfie in July 2019,[34] and the next day posted to social media asking for female producers, writers, and artists for her new project.[35] The song has no lyrics on the bridge, possibly for a feature.

Pink Convertible and Happy Loner were finalised for the standard album, though they did not make it the final cut. They would instead be released on the deluxe edition.

The Painter/Be Kinder, a speculated title, possibly intended for the deluxe edition, however, as Marina stated she was writing songs for her Sixth Studio Album during the same time she was making the deluxe edition,[36] it might never have been intended for the deluxe.


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