die Life
Matd unreleased
Studio album by [[MARINA|MARINA]]
Recorded 2010-2011
Genre unreleased
Producer Greg Kurstin
Die Life was a proposed project by MARINA, originally intended to be her second studio album. The title is a play on words, because 'die' is the German article for feminine nouns, meaning the album is actually called "The Life". The album focused on feminism and sex. The genre can be best described as dark synth-pop.


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On May 26, 2010, Marina tweeted: '"May have to scrap germanic 2nd album title "die Life".'[1]

On the 1st of November 2010 Marina posted a blog post[2] that she had "outgrown the Family Jewels era" and that she was writing a blog post on "Female Sexuality and the Politics of Image" and "[she feels] incredibly strongly about where the next year leads and these articles will serve as a precursor to the next chapter. It has a name... October 2011, diamonds!"

On the 25th of November 2010 in an Interview for the Studio B Live in Finland Marina said, in response to being asked if she's working on her second album: 'yes, furiously'[3] and, when asked how far along it was: 'actually nothing has been officially recorded, but there are like, there are about seven or eight tracks that are done'[4]

In an interview for the Telegraph in January 2011, Marina said about the album: '[it's] about sex in a lot of different ways: it’s about actual sex, it’s about being a female, being a feminist. I’m so in love with it at the moment. It’s exactly how I thought I should progress.'[5]

On January 15, 2013, Marina tweeted: 'Electra Heart was originally a side project, separate from Marina And The Diamonds'[6] / 'I called my manager in April 2011 and said "Hello. Can I pretend to be a totally different person? He said "No. You cannot"'[7] / 'I calmly put the phone down and screamed til eternity'[8]


Songs produced by Greg Kurstin:

Marina teased several lyrics on her Twitter in 2010:

  • On the 16th of July 2010: 'You keep picking the scab and i'll keep selling the plaster.'[9]
  • On the 25th of August 2010: 'You never sing for love, you never have a heart to mend, because before the start begins, you always see the end.'[10]
  • On the 22nd of November 2010: 'Power & Control...'[11]

These tracks were all produced by Greg Kurstin along with the demos that were leaked[12] in February of 2011: Sex Yeah (Free Sex), Living Dead, which she mentioned also in a blogpost fleetingly.[13] Miss Y, was also produced by Greg Kurstin.

Songs not produced by Greg Kurstin:

Jealousy, originally a The Family Jewels outtake, was performed 59 times between 2010 and 2011[14]. Although it was not produced by Greg Kurstin, Marina said it would be for her "second album" leading to confusion when die Life was scrapped in favour of Electra Heart which had no Jealousy on the tracklist.

Marina also posted lyrics to her blog:

  • On the 19th of October 2010: 'In the night your heart is full, and by the morning empty'[15]

Though not produced by Greg Kurstin, Radioactive has a similar theme to Jealousy 'I never say a word, leave you before you leave me' // 'But baby, I'm the one who left you, you're not the one who left me.'

A picture of the setlist [16] for Marina's Troubadour show was posted online which shows that die Life was supposed to be played as an encore, it's unknown why it wasn't played. It is also unknown if the title track of die Life is a completely different song or an earlier demo of "Living Dead". Living Dead was first performed live on the 29th of December 2010 [17] only a few months after Troubadour show [18].

A line from Fear and Loathing appeared in a blogpost from the 11th of February 2011[19] (a day after the leaks.) "Note to self: No crime in being kind. Not everyone is out to screw you over." Marina said in her track by track album interview that it "was a turning point for me, that I stopped being a slightly bitter person and that was actually the time where I started to work with other people. Fear and loathing I wrote on my own in my bedroom in London and I started to try new things and open up my mind a little bit, and so it's kinda a letting go song." Fear and Loathing was produced with Liam Howe a producer for The Family Jewels. Marina says it was a turning point and was probably intended for Electra Heart rather than die Life.

(Compiled tracklist in no particular order)

"Starlight" and "Sinful" are not die Life tracks, though they appear on some fan tracklists, they are outtakes for The Family Jewels.

"The Other Foot" was recorded and leaked in 2013 long after die Life was scrapped.


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