Balslev (2)
Alias Homewrecker
Characteristics Boy-crazy, indecisive, flighty, cold, ruthless, trashy, nomadic
Song Homewrecker
Power & Control
How to Be a Heartbreaker
Era Electra Heart era
Status Dead

The Homewrecker (also known as the Pin-Up) is a female archetype portrayed by Marina and the Diamonds in the Electra Heart series.


The Homewrecker's basic Electra Heart appearance includes a small heart on her cheek, lush blonde hair and sexy, attractive features. She is seen with curly hair, tends to wear dresses and usually ties her hair back slightly.


A Homewrecker is a person (normally female, although sometimes male) who ruins an established family by putting forward romantic or sexual interest into a married family member with little or no remorse for their actions. The term "Homewrecker" simply means "a person who ruins a home", or a person who destroys a family for their own personal pleasure.

The Homewrecker archetype is stylised as a deceptive woman. She takes on this trait in order to not be caught and/or held accountable for her actions. She does not keep relationships and moves on when she is finished having her fun. She does not belong to anyone and is a very lonely archetype. The Homewrecker does in fact want to be able to hold relationships however, but realizes that, due to her past, this is impossible and continues to romance married men.