Hot, Cross Bun
Give Me The Money artwork
Recorded 2006
Length 2:02
Producer Marina Diamandis
Give Me the Money! track listing
"Hot, Cross Bun" is track number 8.
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"Hot, Cross Bun" is an unreleased song by Welsh singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds. The song was written and produced by Marina Diamandis, and it's the eighth song from the fan-made collection of songs Give Me the Money!.


She had a bun in the oven
It was a hot cross bun
A bun that was damn hot and angry
Just puffing and steaming to be someone
It was the fifties
There was war in the streets
With mussolini
And his gangsters
Raiding Greek houses
For blood
And for meat
The day
A mother was to claim
What was rightfully hers
The same baker
Could've saved
A mother and child
From simple hunger

There was tradition in the village
That when a women is with babe
She is entitled to a free loaf of bread
But the baker must see her baby bump on display
But when the women went to the baker
He looked her in the stomach and said
"You do not look very pregnant to me, you are so thin"
Your stomachs flat, lady
Your baby is probably dead
I will not be wasting my bread on liars
He said
Women lowered her head
Face like thunder
Baker could've saved
A mother and child
From simple hunger