Mermaid vs. Sailor
Mermaid vs. Sailor extended play artwork
Released November 23, 2007
Genre Indie pop
Length 20:03
MARINA chronology
Give Me The Money artwork Mermaid vs. Sailor extended play artwork The Crown Jewels extended play artwork
(c. 2006) (2007) (2009)

Mermaid vs. Sailor (stylized as "Mermaid vs Sailor") is the first demo extended play (EP) by Welsh singer-songwriter MARINA. She self-composed and produced the entire EP with GarageBand. It was released on November 23, 2007 by Marina herself and sold as a handmade CD-Rs through her Myspace page. 


The entire EP was written and recorded by Marina Diamandis in her room. All of the tracks were recorded in a low quality, similar to songs appearing on Give Me the Money! compilation. According to several interviews, "Plastic Rainbow" was the very first song that Diamandis ever wrote and it was the song that made her want to become a songwriter. "Seventeen" and "Daddy Was a Sailor" are speculated to be about Marina's former relationship with her dad, Demos Diamandis.

"Seventeen", "Hermit the Frog" and "Simplify" were later reworked and re-recorded for Diamandis's debut studio album The Family Jewels. "Simplify" didn't make the cut but was included on The Crown Jewels EP.


The artwork shows a black and white photo of Diamandis looking straight in the camera with a serious expression. The title of the EP is written in the Jazz , "Marina and the Diamonds" is written in Santa Fe. The artwork seems to be made in Paint by Marina herself.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Seventeen"  Marina Diamandis  2:40
2. "Horror Pop"  Diamandis  3:57
3. "Hermit the Frog"  Diamandis  3:39
4. "Daddy Was a Sailor"  Diamandis  3:15
5. "Simplify"  Diamandis  2:34
6. "Plastic Rainbow"  Diamandis  4:07
Total length: