10-26-11 Casper Balslev 002
Alias Primadonna, Stars & Queens, Beauty Queens
Characteristics Self-centered, vain, snobbish, dramatic, flirtatious, desperate
Song Primadonna
State of Dreaming
Lonely Hearts Club
Buy the Stars
Fear and Loathing
Era Electra Heart era
Status Dead

The Primadonnas (also known as Stars & Queens or Beauty Queens) are a female archetype portrayed by Marina and the Diamonds in the Electra Heart series.


The Primadonna shares the basic Electra Heart appearance with all the other archetypes, including blond hair and a heart on the left cheek. The Primadonna usually wears her hair in a pinned curls style, and tends to wear glamorous dresses, robes or anything vintage-styled. The Primadonna video and the looks in it are a general representation of the Primadonna's behavior and style.


The Primadonna is a vain, self-centered and snobbish archetype that lives her life receiving gifts, being adored, and tending to her appearance. The Primadonna is a very ambitious individual that is desperate for fame and wealth, and seems to barely care about anyone whilst she climbs her way up to the top. She would rather do her makeup and/or try on a new dress than do any good for someone other than herself.