Silver Walls
Give Me The Money artwork
Recorded 2006
Length 1:27
Producer Marina Diamandis
Give Me the Money! track listing
"Silver Walls" is track number 3.
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"Silver Walls" is an unreleased song by Welsh singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds. The song was written and produced by Marina Diamandis, and it's the third song from the fan-made collection of songs Give Me the Money!.


The song was believed to be partially leaked as it cuts abruptly at the end of the second verse, but later Diamandis stated that this version is full and was intended to end there.


Ooooh, ooooh

Hey man, hey man, aim your fist at me
You win, I lose 'cause you're muscly
Come on, come on and put your money
Where my mouth is, ba-a-aby

Of this pain I will not speak
Of the violent memories
On the silent movie screen
You have shown on repeat

You are my silver, silver, silver wall
Watched me slip and you let me fall
Bigger the risk, bigger the gain
Bigger the break and the bigger the play

Now ow ow o-ow, ow ow ow o-ow

Hey man, hey man, you're a superstar
I will reflect you when I fall far
Anger, anger indescribable
Hit me like a cannonball