10-26-11 Casper Balslev 009
Alias Su-Barbie-A, Suburban housewife, Suburban stepford wife
Characteristics Loyal, kind, loving, married, alluded, lost
Song Su-Barbie-A
Valley of the Dolls
Starring Role
Era Electra Heart era
Status Dead

The Su-Barbie-A (also known as the Housewife or the Suburban housewife or the Suburban Stepford Wife) is a female archetype portrayed by Marina and the Diamonds in the Electra Heart series. The name is a combination of "suburbia" and "Barbie."


The Housewife (as well as all other archetypes) shares the same basic Electra Heart appearance, with blonde hair and a heart on the left cheek. The housewife is either seen wearing her hair in a side part or in a vintage Monroe style. She usually wears vintage dresses that represent the typical appearance of a 1950's housewife.


The Su-Barbie-A archetype is a model female representative of the all-perfect American housewife and the general concept of fake perfection. The Su-Barbie-A female is a loving mother and wife who sets all of her ambition and potential aside to stay loyal to her family. This is killing her from the inside, as she can't accept the fact that she's stuck in the suburbs forever. She has to deal with a marriage that was never really right for her, however she is too kind and caring to even think of leaving her family. With nothing else to do, she faces the fact that her world is falling apart with a smile, like everyone expects from her.