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Beauty Queen[]

Beauty Queen or Stars & Queens,[1] commonly referred too as (the) Primadonna after the title track, was inspired by a comment made by Marina's boyfriend at the time.

Marina describes the Primadonna as a song for girls or women who are trying to validate themselves without validation from others. In an interview with Elle Girl:

It's about not needing anybody when it comes to love—your raison d'etre is to live for adoration. Girls usually feel like this when they are not appreciated in a relationship. The inspiration for the song came from an ex-boyfriend. He thought it was funny that I was a mega drama queen always talking 'global love' this, 'global love' that! He called me a prima donna. I love it but I also kind of hate it. Like they say, 'You only hate in others what you hate in yourself', so I thought I'd channel this well-known but kind of undesirable character type into a pop song. As the saying goes (that I just made up): You've either been one or dated one at least once in your life.[2]
Casper Balslev (26 Oct 2011) 1-001


Marina additionally called Primadonna (along with Teen Idle) an "undesirable character type."[3]

Primadonna, suitably, is the lead single and the only archetype with a full music accompanying it, and the album cover of Electra Heart.[4] It was the first post on the Electra Heart Tumblr,[5] and the instrumental of The State of Dreaming, a Primadonna track, was used in The Archetypes (song). Additionally, there is a possibility that the archetype would have also got one of the missing three "home videos" in the style of The Archetypes (song) and Su-Barbie-A. Like the Teen Idle, no filmed footage from the Primadonna photoshoots were ever used.



  • Lonely Hearts Club's lyrics, "Love will never be forever", were tagged under the Primadonna tag, however the phrase "Lonely Hearts Club" was tagged under Teen Idles.
  • E.V.O.L's lyrics, "I'm your dying beauty queen", were tagged under the Primadonna tag, however it is a confirmed Homewrecker song.
  • Eternity: The lyrics "on the silver screen I'm the beauty queen" are almost identical to Primadonna, however the song was scrapped, perhaps in favour of Primadonna.


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  10. Just for the record, today is bitter with occasional fits of jealous rage.
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