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Homewrecker was inspired by the idea of playing "the slayer instead of the slain."[1]

A Homewrecker is a person (normally female, although sometimes male) who ruins an established family by putting forward romantic or sexual interest into a married family member with little or no remorse for their actions. The term "Homewrecker" simply means "a person who ruins a home", or a person who destroys a family for their own personal pleasure.

Casper Balslev (27 Oct 2011) 1-003

E.V.O.L Music Video

Casper Balslev (27 Oct 2011) 5-003

The Archetypes (song)

Homewrecker has two singles and two free downloads attached to it. Along with the Teen Idle it has no music video in the series attached to it's title track. It possibly would have got one of the missing three "home videos" in the style of The Archetypes (song) and Su-Barbie-A, however, unlike Teen Idle, filmed footage of the Homewrecker photoshoot was used in The Archetypes (song) and in short clips in E.V.O.L. Homewrecker was the last archetype to appear on the Tumblr.



  • Radioactive's lyrics, "In the night your heart is full + by the morning empty", were tagged under the Homewrecker tag, however it is a confirmed Teen Idle song.


  1. E.V.O.L video.
  2. E.V.O.L video.
  3. Girls & their curls & their gourmet vomit.
  4. Your heart is my piñata.
  5. Tagged under Beauty Queen as 'Homecoming' but is from the Homewrecker shoot.
  6. Unedited Power & Control cover.
  7. In the night your heart is full + by the morning empty.
  8. Oops!... I did it again.
  9. Clone sweet clone (Same caption is used on Housewife photo).
  10. Unused, but in Homewrecker clothing.
  11. The Archetypes (song) video (In Homewrecker clothing).
  12. The Liar, the Bitch & the Wardrobe.
  13. Unused. (On set of Homewrecker shoot).
  14. Unedited Homewrecker cover.
  15. Unused. (On set of Homewrecker shoot).
  16. E.V.O.L video.
  17. Unused, likely Homewrecker due to the clothing.
  18. Unused, likely Homewrecker due to the clothing.

  1. Wear your heart on your cheek.
  2. All bitches go to heaven.
  3. Bitchcraft.
  4. Happy never after.
  5. Everybody has a heart. Except some people.
  6. Don't put all of your eggs in one bastard.
  7. Dial 1800-ELE-CTRA.