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Idle Teen[]

Idle Teen or Teen Idol, commonly referred to as Teen Idle, after the title track, was inspired by a jumper Marina saw at London Fashion Week in February 2011.[1]

Casper Balslev (02 Jul 2012) 9-001 (B&W)

Marina in the 'Teen Idle' jumper

Thinking it would be funny to rhyme "idle" with "suicidal," she decided to write the song about youth—specifically how she did not live out her teen years the way she wished she had.[2] She called Teen Idle (along with Primadonna) an "undesirable character type."[3]

Teen Idle has one single, and along with the Homewrecker it has no music video in the series attached to it's title track. It possibly would have got one of the missing three "home videos" in the style of The Archetypes (song) and Su-Barbie-A. Like the Primadonna, no filmed footage from the Teen Idle photoshoots were ever used. None of the Teen Idle pictures from the original shoot have the signature heart on the left cheek, perhaps suggesting that she has not 'become' Electra Heart yet.



  • Lonely Hearts Club's title "Lonely Hearts Club", was tagged under the Teen Idles tag, however the lyrics "Love will never be forever" were tagged under Primadonna.


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