The Crown Jewels
The Crown Jewels extended play artwork
Released June 1, 2009
Length 9:53
Label Neon Gold Records, 679 Recordings
Format 7", CD, Digital download
Producer Liam Howe, Martin Craft
MARINA chronology
Mermaid vs. Sailor extended play artwork The Crown Jewels extended play artwork The Family Jewels album artwork
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The Crown Jewels is the first studio extended play (EP) by Welsh singer-songwritter MARINA. It was released on June 1, 2009 and June 22, 2009 by Neon Gold Records and 679 Recordings. The EP contains 3 songs and 1 remix from her first studio album The Family Jewels, but that they were changed/rejected.


The EP contains 3 songs and 1 remix from her first studio album The Family Jewels, which were chosen to promote the album and give a preview of it. The plans changed and the songs found on the EP would no longer belong to the standard version of the album or would not be part of it. The version of "I Am Not a Robot" found on the EP it was going to be the album version, but the outro of the song was cut, now it's used as the radio edit. "Seventeen" was removed from the track listing of the standard edition and included in the Japanese edition of it, "Simplify" was removed from the album, and "I Am Not a Robot" (Starsmith 24 Carat Remix) was included in the US deluxe edition of the album.


The 7"/Digital edition artwork contains a photo of Queen Consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy[1] (who the pizza was named after) with a crown and her eyes covered with a white line inside a beige circle, numeros tricolor diamonds, and part of Diamandis' pseudonym written in a violet line.

The 3-Track Promo edition contains the photo of the Queen Consort of Italy with a crown upside down, the tricolor diamonds are now blue and violet triangles and part

of the Diamandis' pseudonym is written in a blue line.

The artwork was done by Cristiana Couceiro.

Track listing

Physical edition (7" - EP / 3-Track Promo)
No. TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "I Am Not a Robot" (Radio Edit)Liam Howe 4:22
2. "Seventeen"  Howe 3:05
3. "Simplify"  Martin Craft 2:26
Total length: